Car Air Conditioning Repairs

At Oztune we can carry out full car air conditioning repairs and perform an air conditioning re-gas for all makes and models of vehicles. Our technicians use the most up to date diagnostics equipment to carry out general servicing of your vehicles air conditioning. We also offer a wide range of extensive repairs and fault diagnosis. The Oztune workshop has some of the latest automated air conditioning machines that perform a full digital print of an entire car air conditioning system.

Most people are unaware that the majority of vehicle air conditioning systems nowadays should be serviced from new every four years, the gas begins to leak over a period of time causing the system to lose efficiency and the compressor should have its oil changed regularly along with the cabin filters that are in the air conditioning systems that protect you and your family from air particles from the road such as diesel soot, dirt, dust and even pollen and other allergens for asthmatics. To get the optimum performance out of your air conditioning we recommend a system pressure and leak check at least every year after the car is more than five years old. Preventative maintenance is a lot cheaper than replacing the air conditioning systems components and at Oztune we can assist you in all your car air conditioning repair needs.