Engine Diagnostics

Common Engine Diagnostics Issues

Your car won’t start?
You have an engine light on? Your car is lacking power?
Your car is in limp home mode? Your car has a misfire?

Oztune can carry out a wide range of engine management diagnostics and fault finding on your vehicle. We have all the right equipment to diagnose your fault and to get your vehicle running back the way it should be. As with most modern-day vehicles, if they detect a fault within the engine or drivetrain, it will bring on an engine management light which is usually an orange or yellow light in the shape of an engine, most vehicles will also go into limp home mode which is designed to protect the engine by limiting the output it can produce. Call Oztune and bring in your vehicle to our fantastic new workshop in Meadowbrook. So, if you need help or even some advice please call us and we will be happy to help.

The importance of consistent servicing and full engine diagnostics is illustrated in our video below! If the light's on or the pressure drops, call Oztune!