Car Repairs

Preventative car servicing significantly increases the life and value of your car. At Oztune our professional service technicians can assist with all your car repair needs. Drop off your car knowing that it is in the best possible hands and use one of our complimentary courtesy cars for the day. We also offer a courtesy ute for tradesman so having your car off the road for a full day won't be the big inconvenience that you expect. 


Lack of regular servicing, capped price servicing, budget servicing, poor quality lubricants and lack of knowledge  from manufacturers is leading to a decline in engine performance and reliability.

SLUDGE is like Cholesterol in your engine blocking up all the vital arteries causing heart attacks in your vehicle! We know that sounds dramatic but it really is happening in most of today's modern vehicles, the days of vehicles lasting over 150,000 kilometres is limited because we just aren't being given the information that will help our vehicles engine to last and be reliable, it really is false economy!

Brake servicing and maintenance is one of the most important regular checks that need to be performed on your vehicle. standard brake wear and tear is a common occurrence that can easily be checked during your latest car servicing check-up at Oztune.

Does your car make noises while braking, can you feel vibrations or can you hear a grinding noise? If so you probably need to see an Oztune specialist!

The following brake repairs and servicing is important to check and carry out on a regular basis:

  • Calliper servicing including boot and seal kits
  • Pad and Rotor replacements
  • Calliper slide pin regreasing
  • Rotor machining
  • Pad chamfering
  • Anti-squeal lube applied to pad backing plates and rattle clips
  • Brake fluid flushing